In Bravely Default, Agnès Oblige and her friends helped save Luxendarc. But just as a peace treaty is about to be signed... tragedy strikes.

Now a new hero must save Agnès and the people of Luxendarc from a powerful threat!

A mysterious foe

Kaiser Oblivion and his assistant, Anne, are as mysterious as they are dastardly. What does this masked man have against peace and harmony? And where'd he get that flying fortress?

Meet your heroes

Get to know the four unique characters you'll fight with—and for—during your epic adventure.

Let's give 'em gravy!

Yew Geneolgia

Yew is a dedicated Crystalguard knight who was assigned as a bodyguard to Agnès Oblige. He's determined to rescue her, no matter what the cost.

Are you gonna eat that?

Edea Lee

Edea became good friends with Agnès and Tiz when they saved the world together in their last adventure. Edea may be hot-tempered, but she has a heart of gold.

Agnès, I'm coming—we're all coming to save you.

Tiz Arrior

After the last big adventure, Tiz fell into a deep, unnatural sleep. His common sense and can-do attitude would really help on this quest...

Ah, la vache!

Magnolia Arch

Magnolia is a brave, if eccentric, fighter from the Moon. Her mission? To intercept and destroy the fearsome entities known as Ba’als. She seems to have taken a real liking to Yew.

Explore Luxendarc's
top attractions

The world of Luxendarc is more expansive than ever, filled with beautiful cities, vast deserts, and everything in between. Be sure to look around as you travel—you never know what you'll find.

Towns & Cities

  • Gathelatio

  • Eternia

  • Al-Khampis

  • Ancheim

  • Hartschild

  • Yunohana


Even Luxendarc's dungeons are bigger than ever, and each has a unique twist. Look out for tough puzzles and traps designed to trip up unwary explorers.