Become a wizard, a summoner, a knight or...a catmancer? There are 30 total jobs to choose from, each with its own strengths and abilities (and outfits). What will you become?

Create your dream team

Each job comes with its own abilities, and you'll unlock more powerful ones as you level up. Change jobs at any time to learn new abilities, then switch things up based on the foe you're facing. You can even set secondary job commands so you can access other abilities you've learned.

Experiment with using different jobs and abilities to customize each character and build up your army of four!

Returning faves and
all-new options

Several jobs from Bravely Default return, along with 12 totally new jobs to try out. Here are a few to get you started.


This new job lets you mirror enemy moves with cats! Can learn monster abilities. Understands felines. Favors axes and knuckles. Ameowzing!


Whip up some sweet buffs for your party and undermine your foes with an array of deadly desserts using this new job! Favors daggers.


A master of the art of war! Arms proficiency improves as you fight. This new job learns Triple Wield and Weapon Toss.


This new job has you craft your own spells on the fly to efficiently dispatch your foe! Skilled at spirit magic and spellcraft. Favors rods.


A well-rounded warrior with excellent offense and defense! Favors swords, shields, and armor.


An expert at stealing items! High agility, can act early in a turn. Favors daggers.


Overpowers foes with powerful summoning magic! High MP, skilled at summoning. Favors rods.

You'll learn new summons as you explore different locations. Can you find them all?