The battle system from Bravely Default™ returns—with new features for even faster-paced battles.

Brave & Default: Big risk, big rewards

Will you charge in with weapons blazing? Or hold back until the right moment to strike? In the world of Bravely Second, everything depends on this decision.

During battle, you can choose Brave to take several actions in the same turn. By using up to 4 brave points (BP) at once, you can put together a devastating attack! Of course, this means you can't move again until you get your BP back to zero, so you'd better hope your attack takes out those enemies...

If you choose to use Default on your turn, you won't be able to take action, but you'll earn brave points (BP) to use later.

Consecutive battles

Bring it on!

There's a whole new way to boost your experience and rewards in Bravely Second. Knock out your foes in one turn…then choose Bring it on! to keep the battle going against the next wave of enemies.

Keep going as long as you can—but be smart. If you get K.O.'d, you lose it all.

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Bravely Second

Another weapon in your arsenal is Bravely Second. It'll freeze time for your enemies so you can make a move and get the advantage.

Bravely Second takes SP to use. Your SP gauge fills as you play–even if you leave the game running in Sleep Mode.

Don't want to wait? You can also purchase SP drinks in-game using real money via Nintendo eShop. Each SP drink gives you 3 SP.

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Pick your favorites

Save your team's jobs, abilities, and weapons as a Favorite Set. You can save up to 10 Favorites, then quickly switch to the right set for whatever challenge you face.

To really keep things moving, you can also set up autobattle commands that will run until you decide to change strategies.

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Special moves

You've got moves...

Each character has a special move based on the weapon they've equipped. You can customize these moves for maximum impact.

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StreetPass features

You're not in this fight alone! Get a little help from your friends using the StreetPass feature or your Internet connection.

  • Summon Friend

    During battle, you can bring in a buddy to perform one move. The more you summon them, the stronger they'll get.

  • Fort-Lune

    StreetPass tags also help you rebuild Magnolia's home, Fort-Lune, located (where else?) on the moon. You'll earn rewards as you complete buildings and expand the fort.

Battling Ba'als

It's Ba'al bustin' time!

Powerful enemies known as Ba'als will attack Fort-Lune every chance they get. Blast them using your Buster Ships, then take them down to protect your moon base—and earn big-time rewards.

Ba'als are sent via StreetPass or via the Internet. But don't worry, you can also send out a Ba'al of your own through your StreetPass profile.

What's a Ba'al, anyway?

Luxendarc's top minds are on the case…but all we know for now is that they're big, they're scary, and they're definitely not friendly.

Chompcraft mini-game

Take a chompcraft break

Need a little extra pocket pg (that's currency in Luxendarc)? Try crafting plush "chomper" toys for fun and profit. Do well to earn snacks and unlock music to listen to as you work.